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We were literally wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on media. Digital, Social, we were trying everything without achieving an adequate ROI.
Media Edge, Inc. came in, evaluated what we were doing and developed a new media plan for us.
Our fiscal year ending 2011 was our best year ever. Our top line sales and bottom line profits were the best we had achieved in years.
Mr. Dan Even - President - Manta

Offering Comprehensive Projects


We can help you increase new trial, customer frequency, and average check size.

Business to Business

With extensive experience in Business to Business Advertising - We can Grow Your Business.

Package Goods

We can assist you in your merchandising efforts, shelf space, and maintaining top of mind awareness of your products.

Case Studies


Wendy's was experiencing a high price perception problem. We suggested rearranging the menu - placing all the $.99 products under a separate heading "Value Menu." Today, every fast food restaurant has their version of a "Value Menu."

Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn is predominately a franchised company. Their Franchisee's outdoor was disconnected in both design and message. We provided every Franchisee a vinyl overlay for their outdoor board with a common message of "Kids Eat Free." The program is now in its' 10th successful year.


Choicepoint is a business to business company that offers important information on individuals. We developed a "Finding the Good Guys" cable campaign on business cable stations. Results were a record year.


Fotomat was experiencing a price perception problem in addition to a perception that consumers pictures were taking too long to be developed. We initiated two programs "No Fault Foto Guarantee" and the "Pick UP Picture Promise".

Little General Convienence Stores

Suffering low store sales, we recommended eliminating slow moving merchandise and replacing it with a broader range of popular products. "More of What You Are Looking For."


Carrabba's was looking for a 4th quarter campaign to raise sales. Using Television, Radio, and FSI's a campaign featuring founders Johnny and Damiam Carrabba's out preformed all other OSI concepts.

Bonefish Grill

Bonefish was looking for a way to make their FSI campaigns more effective - without discounting. We showed them how to effectively change their targeting parameters by market to increase new trial and improve visit frequency.