Media Serviecs

It's in our name. Since 1986 we have provided our clients with media solutions that effectively and efficiently reach their target audience.

Media choices have certainly expanded over the past few years. Digital and Social compete with the traditional mediums - Television, Cable, Radio, Out-of-Home, Print, Direct Response, FSI's, and Direct Mail.

So with all these choices and with consumer's ever changing habits - how do you select the right media? That's our specialty and why our name is Media Edge, Inc.




Marketing Services

So much goes into creating a strategic/tactical marketing plan. It starts with knowing who your customer is; what your competitors offer and your point of difference. Building awareness and top-o-mind awareness. Creating new trial, frequency, and building average check value.

Today's consumer has more choices than ever before. New competitors spring up everyday. How will today's economy affect what you use to do.......and how will the future affect what you do tomorrow.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Let us put some sanity in your marketing and advertising plans.   


Online Services

The internet has changed everything. Is the internet hurting your business or helping it grow? Regardless of how small or large your business is - the proper use of the internet will greatly enhance your bottom line.

Everyone wants to jump on the social bandwagon these days. Companies are literally throwing money at it and the results are not encouraging. As with everything in life, there is a right way and a wrong way. We can show you how to leverage the power of digital and social media.

You need to get ahead of the game before you fall too far behind.



Consulting Services

We are staffed with marketing, advertising, operations, and research professionals.

Every company, regardless of size, occasionally needs an objective outside opinion. 

We can provide you with critical insight on how to improve your marketing & advertising campaigns. We'll review you primary and secondary research and give you an honest evaluation.

We can also work with your field operations to assist them in their local store marketing endeavors and menu mix management. And we can assist them in their staffing efforts.



Featured Services

  • Digital Media
  • Consumer relationships
  • Strategic planning
  • Tactical Revenue Generating Promotions

Local Store Marketing Seminars

As an agency, we offer the unique service of developing and delivering local store marketing seminars.

We can show your field operations how to locally build traffic, increase frequency of their current customer base, and build the all important check average.